Natural Inspirations

Julie Ekelund &
Nancy Evensen

Founders of Natural Inspirations

Natural Inspirations was founded by two friends with a mutual curiosity & a common desire to make a difference in the lives of women.

In the past several years, it seemed like every time we turned around, someone we cared about was having a health crisis -- many with cancer. It made us curious -- what could we do to minimize our risk and the risk to those we love? We began to research things we could do to make a difference in our health, and learned more than you can imagine about the chemicals we put into and onto our bodies. The impact of chemicals on our health from our personal care products is mind-boggling. We also learned that choices we make every day can have an impact on our health. Natural Inspirations is about making small changes in our daily lives that can make a difference!

We had a simple goal in mind… to create a healthy, pure, natural line of bath & body products that women can trust to nourish their skin with rich, botanical ingredients and no harsh toxins.

We work hard every day to make sure our products have the cleanest ingredients, while not sacrificing safety or efficacy. We want you to love every single Natural Inspirations product you use! Whether its our unbelievably rich hand crème, our super sudsy hand wash, or our ultra-smooth lip butter, you should feel pampered and cared for.

Today, we’re an independent, women-owned company committed to creating luxurious, natural body care products that enrich the quality of your daily experience. Our company has flourished thanks to a shared passion for natural ingredients, botanical ingenuity and a desire to make a difference.