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Healthy Skin Month: Tips for that Beautiful Face & Scrumptious Lips

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👩 For That Beautiful Face 👩

Wash your face when waking, before bed & after sweating.

Washing when you wake up in the morning removes the dirt & bacteria that settle on your face while sleeping. Before bed, you want to remove all makeup & grime, such as smog, smoke, or dirt. Need we explain why washing your face is good to do after sweating?

IMPORTANT! Gently wash your face.

Gentle cleansing helps skin look its absolute best. We’re serious!

To gently cleanse your face, wet it with lukewarm water. Then apply your cleanser of choice, applying the cleanser in a circular motion with your fingers. Complete your routine by rinsing off the cleanser & patting your skin dry with your favorite soft, clean towel.

Wear sunnies to stop under-eye wrinkles. 😎

Use a jade roller for your under eye bags.

Sweat it out! 🚴‍♀️🧘‍♀️


Your best bet when it comes to getting rid of puffiness? Try a shot of caffeine – and we don’t mean the one in your morning latte. Caffeine constricts the vessels beneath the eye, which are responsible for causing the darker appearance.

Look for an eye cream with caffeine near the top of the ingredient list – that way you know it plays a starring role in the formula.

Massage your face for circulation.

A Face massage can boost circulation & help tone the muscles in your face & neck. Spending even just
5 minutes a night will help improve skin’s elasticity.
Just like your body, the muscles in your face can become lazy with age. Adding this simple step to your routine will hugely improve the firmness of your skin.

E X F O L I A T E ! E X F O L I A T E ! E X F O L I A T E ! E X F O L I A T E ! E X F O L I A T E !

Exfoliate for smaller pores. Enlarged pores are actually one of the most common skin complaints for men & women.

Pores appear larger when they're filled with dirt, oil, dead skin cells & keratin (a protein that lives on the surface of skin). Remove that yucky build-up so your pores have the ability to shrink.

To clear out the gunk, exfoliate 2-3x a week. Reach for a gentle exfoliator–like our Coconut Ambre Vanille Body & Face Scrub with activated charcoal. The charcoal will help you suck out the yuck. Hello, glowing skin!


👄 For Those Scrumptious Lips 👄

Coat Your Lips With a Lip Butter Before Applying Lipstick.

This will ensure you that your lips are moisturized in spite of the Lipstick. Apply a Lip Butter for a moisturizing pout or even one of our Moisturizing Lip Tints. If you choose to wear Lipstick, avoid Matte (as they tend to dry out lips). Try a Crème or Satin finish.

For Natural Pink Lips, Stay Away From Dark Colors.

Dark & pigmented Lipsticks may snatch the pinkish tinge from your natural lips, eventually leading to pigmented lips. Use Soft Colors or even Nudes. Our softer tones include Shimmer & Champagne.

Or TRY one of our delicious Lip Tints!

S C R U B - A - D U B ! S C R U B - A - D U B D U B ! S C R U B - A - D U B D U B ! S C R U B - A - D U B D U B !

EXFOLIATE FOR soft, smoochable lips

Lip scrubbing helps you to get rid of dead skin cells and leftover makeup. It helps your lip balm penetrate and re-balances that lipid layer. There are two steps to effectively exfoliate your lips:

  1. Using a damp cloth or soft-bristled toothbrush, gently rub off any leftover makeup residue, dead or dry skin. This technique will also boost circulation to your lips.


2. Once you’re done sloughing your lips, smooth on a hydrating lip butter or conditioner to lock in moisture. When going outdoors, make sure to apply a lip butter that has an SPF to protect your lips from the harmful sun (we recommend ours)!

Moisturize with Aloe Vera …

You can purchase pure aloe vera gel or even crack a leaf from an aloe plant in your home for this remedy. Aloe vera has soothing & healing properties, helping lips to look their best.

OR with Vitamin E!

If you have vitamin E capsules, you can simply cut one open & apply the product right to your lips. Vitamin E boosts circulation & may help generate new skin cells, making your lips softer.


apply A GENEROUS AMOUNT OF lip butter before bed.

🍋 Wake up lips with citrus 🍋

Using a few drops of lemon juice, you can make your lips appear brighter and slough off dead skin. Just rub the lemon juice on to your skin and watch your skin brighten up before your eyes. You can also try using our SPF 30 Grapefruit, Citrus or Key Lime Lip Butter for this purpose as well 🥰

Have any suggestions? Leave your advice in the comment section below!